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My current work involves stretching and expanding on traditional

techniques in an effort to create modern designs with a focus on


I make sculptural, functional and architectural work and enjoy

challenging myself with each new project.  My work can be found

in or around clients homes from Florida to New York to Main

Street Telluride, Colorado.  I have been published in several

books including Dona Meilach's "Ironwork Today: Inside & Out"

and Matthew S. Clarke's "From Fire to Form".  I have taught at

Penland School of Crafts, Peter's Valley Craft Center, John C.

Campbell Folk School and have demonstrated nationally.

I grew up in Brooklyn, NY where my education included graffiti

writing, painting, photography, poetry, film making and just

looking.  I was awarded a Core Fellowship for two years at the

Penland School of Crafts in Penland, NC.  I also worked in Great

Britain with Brian Russell and with Chris Topp of the Real

Wrought Iron Company.

My home is in Asheville, NC where I maintain my workshop

and live with my wife, Darrah, and our daughters, Celia Sky and

Lilliana Lir Noble.


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